Renewable energy is facing increasing popularity due to the unquestionable advantages that it introduces to society. Renewable energy facilitates system decarbonization, long-term energy security and its distributed nature allows the expansion of energy access to new remote energy consumers.

An 100% integration of RES to the power system remains a challenge, though, due to the intermittent, variable and unpredictable production, which also poses as a problem for the energy market, in terms of dynamic pricing, and flexible trading among participants.

Following the current trends and EU regulations FLEXITRANSTORE has identified two main strategic objectives:

  • To enhance and accelerate the integration of renewables into European Energy systems.
  • To increase cross-border electricity flows across Europe.

A number of project specific objectives has also been specified, which will facilitate the fulfillment of the strategic objectives and pave the way towards a sustainable energy future.

  1. To increase flexibility across the energy industry value chain by integrating BESS supporting the provision of ancillary services by RES at points such as: the TSO/DSO interface or wind farms and gas turbine plants.
  2. To increase flexibility in the transmission grid by integrating Power Flow Controllers aiming to perform congestion management and redirection of power flows, by developing Dynamic Line rating methods for de-icing of power lines purposes and by developing efficient novel controllers for active substations at the TSO/DSO border and wind power plant connections to the HV network.
  3. To increase flexibility in the distribution grid by developing and implementing novel demand-response mechanisms, thus creating new market actors and opportunities.
  4. To increase flexibility of conventional generators by installing novel Power System Stabilizers, restoring low rotational system inertia and by simulating grid behavior after major events on a representative grid model which will allow better insight grid dynamics and stability.
  5. To increase flexibility within the wholesale electricity markets, by the development of an integrated market platform, based on an enhanced EUPHEMIA market model, which valorizes flexibility services through improved operations, demand response, enhanced generator services, energy storage or a smarter infrastructure.