Problem statement:
As a TSO, how can I steer power flow among the system to minimise congestion problems and integrate a high penetration of renewable energy?
To test the ability of PFC technologies to direct power flow on transmission and distribution lines, in order to increase network transfer capacity and to reduce RES curtailment.
  • The power flow control devices have been successfully equipped within a mobile container, transported and installed at the IPTO’s Megalopolis substation in Greece. The devices underwent a variety of operational testing and their performance was monitored.
  • IPTO used this unique mobile power flow control solution for a nine-month period to increase the available transfer capacity on Greece’s existing transmission assets and reduce curtailment of existing renewable generation.
  • In order to transfer knowledge and support future applications of devices, Smart Wires provided training on use of the system to IPTO’s engineers. Further actions will include the development of use cases and business models, to highlight the benefits of Power Flow Control Solutions to the European transmission system.
Installation of the mobile technology was a joint project between the Greek Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO), and power technology company, Smart Wires, as part of FLEXITRANSTORE.
This first operational phase of the project was successfully completed on the Greek transmission system in November 2019, and demonstrated the ability of power flow control devices both to increase the available transmission capacity of the grid (thereby allowing more renewable generation assets to connect to the grid) and to protect against unforeseen line outages (N-1 events) on the grid to prevent curtailment of renewable generation.
Following the successful completion of this phase of the project, the Smart Wires mobile solution has now been prepared to travel to Bulgaria for installation on the Bulgarian transmission system. There it will also be used in an area with high volumes of wind generation. The relocation to a second site will demonstrate the redeployability of the power flow control solution. 
                                       Project Plan – Deployment of the Smart Wires Mobile Solution
                                                                    Summary of System Impact
                                        Installation of the Power Flow Control Solution in Greece
                                               Figure 4: Initial Testing of the Power Flow Control System
                                            Dismount of the Power Flow Control System in Greece