Problem statement:
As a wind or solar farm owner, I want to test if a BESS can help me to have extra capacity to enter the flexibility market and contribution to network operation.
  • To design and implement an innovative active substation, which integrates a BESS, for a WPP in order to provide flexible regulation and power management services to the TSO and to improve its interaction with the transmission network in order to enhance its regulation, stability and reliability. Study how a BESS can improve the network by regulating frequency, voltage reactive and active power.
  • To enable the usage of energy storage in a WPP active substation to demonstrate reduction of the resource variability impact on the performance of power systems with significant penetration of RES. Storage energy in order to reduce the active power peaks that the wind technology generates.
  • To design and implement a complete demonstration project of WPP controller and BESS in the SEE region.
  • Achievement: 
  • The BESS system for a wind farm is at the final stage of assembly and manufacturing tests, before being shipped to Greece for installation, which is scheduled in November 2019.
  • The work could benefit from different lessons learnt by demo leader Jema especially for the application in Mauritius island, for example to select right battery for the right need, charging and discharging, improving response of PCS for utility requirement.
Concept design of BESS for wind farms
General overview:
  • Electrical design of the 2MW converters, and 2MWh batteries
  • Analysis of the Greek code to design the system
  • Analysis of the substation communication to operate the BESS system
Civil Works: Site preparation
  • Converters access foundation: It is necessary to know the weight distribution of the devices and their enclosures.
  • Perimeter fence
  • Define diches 
  • Cables ducts
  • Support structure
  • Corrugate tubes for cables protection
    • These corrugate tubes have to permit the electrical connection between the different devices and point of connection. So, the minimum bend radius of different type of cable can be calculated in order to ensure that these connections are possible without damaging them.
Testing activities
The local SCADA has been designed to monitor the status of the batteries and converters and to show the different measure values involves in the BESS converters control. It has also the option to change the operation mode between local and remote and to send P and Q setpoints in local mode.