Problem statement:
As a DSO, I want to demonstrate how a BESS can enable an active distribution node for me to integrate more renewable energy, enable demand side response and extra services to TSO?
  • Realization of an Active Distribution Node (ADN) demonstrator for making TSO-DSO interactions flexible
  • Demo leader Abengoa has successfully finished the engineering and construction and integration of the container for the BESS and local BESS SCADA development. The container is ready to shift and install at a substation in the center of Cyprus, near Athienou. The testing activities will happen next year and will be recorded.
  • Feedback of trials evaluation or preparation work showed the difficulties to purchase batteries for small projects and competitive prices. Coordination among partners to synchronise timing is sometimes challenging. This is normal for a collaborative project. 

Visit of FLEXITRANSTORE members to Abengoa and BESS system



General Overview of test site
  • Substation description
  • Location: Athienou, Cyprus
  • 132 kV / 11 kV (future 22 kV)
  • Battery Energy Storage System
  • Power: 1MW / Energy: 2MWh
  • Lithium ion batteries technology 
  • Complete BESS installed in a 40ft HC container
  • BESS includes all auxiliary services (HVAC, FSS, UPS)


Civil Works at Athienou substation
BESS Functional Tests: Individual Equipment Tests
  • Battery System
  • Power Converter System
  • BESS container
  • Auxiliary Equipment: FSS, AEMS PLC, BESS SCADA, HVAC, Electrical Panels (DC, AC and LV Panel), UPS


Complete BESS Tests
  • Monitoring and Communication
    • V-SOC Curve
    • Critical and non-critical alarm test
  • Power functional tests
    • Steps / ramps of P and Q
    • Fast charge/discharge alterning
    • Long lasting continuous test
  • Grid Services tests
    • Local grid services programmed in BESS SCADA. It will not be used in normal conditions
    • Voltage regulation
    • Frequency regulation
    • Power factor regulation
    • Ramp Control 
  • Communication tests

Hierarchical control tests

  • 1st level control
    • Operational tests
    • Communication tests
    • Performance tests
  • 2nd level control (tests ongoing)
Example of Grid Service test from BESS SCADA
Development of the Active Substation SCADA (AS SCADA) and BESS SCADA
The development of the AS SCADA is related to WP10, but it application will be done in WP5 demo. The BESS SCADA control the BESS container and all its auxiliary systems
Screen of AS SCADA
Development of documentation for BESS installation and operation
  • Philosophy electrical operation in POC at substation 
  • List of BESS alarms
  • Reception procedure of material at substation
  • H&S Plan
  • Mechanical and electrical works to be done at substation